reasons why you should travel to Andorra right now – Have you ever heard about Andorra? Andorra is a small country in Europe, which doesn`t often appear in the news, so people don`t know much about it. Today we will talk about Andorra and answer some questions about it: Where is Andorra, how to travel to Andorra, what is the capital of Andorra, what is the Andorra flag, and others.

There is not any airport in Andorra. The closest Airports are Le Seu d’Urgell, Barcelona, Reus and Girona. All you need is to get a ticket to any closest airport. This is how to travel to Andorra. So, let`s move to reasons why you should travel to Andorra right now:

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reasons why you should travel to Andorra right now

Nature of Andorra

Nature of Andorra is one of the reasons for visiting the country. Highest points, green or snowy forests, are a real paradise for green nature lovers. There are three natural parks: the Valle de Sorteny, Madriu-Perafita-Claror, and the Valles del Comapedrosa.

Tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is the main reason for visiting Andorra for tourists. It is an incredible experience with roughly 2000 stores all around the country. Most shops are located in the capital of the Principality of Andorra. The population of this city is only 22.000 people, but there are more than 400 shops in this city. Thanks to the favourable tax system of Andorra, the prices in Andorra are quite attractive. The best advantage of prices is that there are no sales taxes in addition to prices.

There are many international brands for men and women in Andorra, such as Benetton, Guess, Zara and others located in the main street of the capital city. Accessories are on the west side of the river. The Gallery Andorra, located in Avenue Meritxell, has the best selection of handbags and other luxury accessories.

It is impossible to imagine good shopping without lovely perfumes, and Andorra is the best place to buy several perfumes. In the main street of Andorra La Vella, you can find international and niche perfume boutiques. Do not forget to check duty-free export limitations.

If you are a sporting goods lover, then the Principality of Andorra is the right choice for shopping. The reason is to be close to hiking and biking trails. There are many sport equipment stores on the main street. The sports goods are sold seasonably.

The thermal water of Caldea

One of the highly appreciated resources of Andorra is the thermal waters of the country. There are 35 thermal springs in Andorra, and the hottest springs are mostly in the Pyrenean region. The thermal water of Caldea is one of them. The water surface is at 70C, and it is rich in saltine and oily planktons, sulphur, and minerals. It has natural anti-allergic, healing effects. The water, which is rich in medical properties, invites a million tourists every year.

Outdoor lagoons overlooking the mountains

Outdoor lagoon overlooking the mountains, Indo-Roman bath, aqua massage spaces, Icelandic bath, hammam, outdoor terraces can be the next locations in Andorra for spa lovers. The spa will be one of the most interesting experiences of your lifetime. There are outdoor lagoons overlooking the mountains, where the indoor lagoon water flows to the large outdoor lagoon. Amazing water experience will be even greater with a magnificent view. The temperature of the water is 34-36 C. Beds of bubbles, the stand-up Jacuzzi with a central geyser and waterfall will give a relaxing effect to your body. You can also take advantage of the contrast temperatures of the water.