Dream of kissing beaches and fertile hillside when you curl up in this winter room? If you crave winter runaway, we have gathered some of the most imperial experiences that you can have in the whole world, from living in world-class coffee farms to hiking hidden waterfall lines.

With Covid-19 still a major factor in the course, you might want to consider a private tour and the ease of crowds of many people. Our travel team in the field is always above the latest developments throughout the country and will ensure that your spring break is smooth, safe and pleasant. So let these ideas inspire your winter vacation plan for 2022!

Hunt for tasty truffles in Italy

Italy is famous for complex and delicious truffles. Known as ‘Tartufo’ in Italian, this simple mushroom can be used to change even the simplest food. Finding and collecting them is a form of art by itself, with October to April traditionally being the best time to visit Italy to find a white truffle.

If you can’t get enough of this gourmet delicacy, a winter holiday message to Piedmont or Tuscany to be part of truffle hunting. Traditionally, they were found by very well trained dogs or pigs that sniffed them in the bushes. The area where truffles grow is called ‘Tartufaia’ and the exact location is often just a handful of people.

In addition to joining a guided tour, you can attend one of the many truffle festivals hosted in Italy. One of the best is fair Acqualagna dedicated to fine black truffles held at Le Marche, Piedmont at the end of February. If you have chosen Tuscany as your truffle-hunting vacation spot, based on the incredible Florence where you can combine sightseeing with local markets and wine tasting trips.

Embrace local culture in Mexico

Mexico has long been popular for spring break thanks to LIVE RTP balmy weather conditions and its proximity to the United States. If you look forward to one or two choices of relaxation activities and never end, local coastal such as Cancun, Tulum and Puerto Vallarta match the bill perfectly. Cabo San Lucas in California steel is another great choice, especially if you are looking for a pampering holiday at a five-star beach resort.


Winter holidays to Mexico are not merely about sun and sand. On the mainland head to Oaxaca and you will be welcomed by phenomenal food scenes and opportunities to learn about the rich culture of the area. Start your exploration in the city of Oaxaca and admire the amazing architecture. Take a walk along the zocalo pedestrian (a hub for shopping and dining) and take noble scenery.

Mexico City, located in the heart of the country, is a historical and cultural smelting pan. The spotlight includes the Mammoth Baroque City Cathedral and the 13th century Major Aztec Tempo Ruins. You can also absorb the works of Vibrant Frida Kahlo at the Blue House Museum or travel along the crowded Xochimilco canal to visit the Eerie of the Dead Dolls Island.

Be at one with nature in Costa Rica

Lush rainforests, sparkling lakes, original coastline and volcanic springs make Costa Rica the main location to come out. What’s more, the winter months offer some of the best weather conditions to visit.

Arenal is a popular spring holiday destination, especially for families. Spend your vacation soaking in a thermal pool, trekking around the extraordinary volcano or swimming in the sparkling La Fortuna waterfall pool. Along the South Pacific Coast of the country, Nosara offers an ideal escape for those who after health experience with her happy retreat, while the vibration of Bohemian Montezuma is marked by the organic food market and coastal coast without footwalk. Or, go to Isla Chiquita idyllic where you can enjoy glamping on the amazing white sand beach.

Costa Rica is famous for sustainable tourism. Why not give back by staying in environmentally friendly accommodation or travelling to a beautifully protected garden like Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve?

Sip some of the world’s finest coffee in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most prestigious coffee planting areas in the world. Fly to Bogota and depart on a winter vacation to the Colombian coffee area, which includes Manizales, Marella, Salento and Rio Sucio. Stay at the coffee farm and return home with deep knowledge of the art of coffee production, from nuts to be brewed.

Cocora Valley sparkles with hiking paths that take you through green rainforests. You can calm the muscles that achieve in the natural hot springs of Termales San Vicente. There is also peaceful Pijoo: ‘slow town of first South America. Surrounded by Iconic Andes peaks, a quiet settlement embracing a quieter life rate with organic farming, a calm atmosphere and relaxed vibration.

Tip Top: If you roam to a Colombian coffee farm, wrap properly. Mostly located in the mountains, giving them very different weather from the beach. A waterproof coat and closed foot shoes are a must.

Go wine-tasting in Portugal

Portugal is one of the few places in Europe where you can still enjoy sunlight in the winter months. Portugal’s South Wine refinery is best visited on spring break when the average daily temperature sits between 60 ° F and 70 ° F. Consider staying in a family-run vineyard in the Alentejo area where flat plains in Grapevines. The typical activities offered include tasting sessions, an ancient wine warehouse tour and unforgettable carriages up through charming historical plantations.

There are several wine areas located closer to the Spanish border. Minho is the place of the famous Portugal Vinho Verde (green wine) is produced. Caspi crispy varieties are directly from sources or in charming wine bars in Medieval Porto. Nearby is where you will find the world-famous Douro Valley. As well as stopping sensational food and wine tasting in various vineyards, booking cruises on the Douro River or exploring wine cities like Pinhão beautiful.

For wine mixtures and beautiful cultural activities, a winter holiday message to Lisbon. The country’s capital is full of historical relics and interesting museums, in addition to developing cafe culture. It’s also close to some of the fantastic local vineyards, as it surrounds Idyllic village óbidos.

Venture off the beaten path in Hawaii

The Heavenly Ocean Islands cluster benefits from good weather conditions in March and April. This is also one of our favourite beaches with culture, making it an ideal choice for sunlight and sightseeing.

If you want to feel the other side of Hawaii, a customized island-hopping tour takes you to some of the less well-known local places. Our experts have inside spoons on the best places to visit on a winter vacation, with choices according to all interests.

Oahu is arguably the most diverse Hawaiian island and where you will be able to enjoy lazy beach days and various cultural and outdoor activities. Plan a trip to Haleiwa – the largest plant labyrinth on the planet – or absorb spectacular views when you climb along the trail of Makeruar Makapu’u paved. The buff film will also like to visit Kualoa farms. Located 24 miles from Honolulu, the historic area has been used as a background for many films, including Jurassic Park.

Moving to Maui, Hawaii’s second-largest island, to see other sights from the volcanic Haleakala National Park nearby at sunrise. You can also launch Hana Lava underground caves. Love snorkelling? Hawaii’s big beach island does not have a lack of large spots. Swimming under the Captain Cook Monument in Kealakekua Bay or Spot Dolphins jumped between the waves in Honaunau Bay.

Want to start planning a personalized winter vacation? Relating to our experts today. And help you arrange your dream schedule, we will make sure every aspect of your vacation is as smooth as possible. This includes ensuring all Covid-19 prevention measures are needed, so you can have stress free runaway that you will appreciate for years to come.